The best way to improve your career

Whether you are a job seeker or an employer, you are having a really hard time. Employers usually claim that it`s really hard to find some good help nowadays. On the other side, job seekers say that there is no decent job worth applying for. Basically it doesn’t matter whether you`re a job seeker or an employer, sometimes it gets really hard on both sides.

Most of the job seekers are concerned about some sort of fee employment agencies are charging for their services. But if you consider the fact that they find you a job, help you with coaching and do everything an agent would do, you actually got a very valuable service. Fees and practices can be very different in each country. If you are concerned about something, make sure to check the regulations by your state`s Department of Labour. Using employment agency can be really helpful. If you`re an employer, you don`t have to worry about finding the right people to do the job. An employment agency can do it for you. You will get much needed worker for a very short amount of time and for less money (you`re avoiding costs of placing ads, interviewing potential employees and training them).

temporary-employment-agencies-torontoOn the other side, if you`re job seeker, you will also benefit a lot. If you choose the right agency you may:

• You will meet many different company cultures on your way. That way is goin to help you to better understand your preferences.

• Companies use different ways and paths to get the same job done, which will be very helpful to you to learn many new skills.

• Your resume will be impressive.

• This is probably the best way to expose yourself, to test your skills and if you`re into competitive jobs, temping is the right way to go.

• The freedom to choose whether you will work or not and when is something to be appreciated.

• You may meet some like-minded people that will gladly help you to progress.

• Don`t hesitate to go temping even if you`re looking for a permanent job. Chances to get it are very high actually. But the most important thing is to show that you`re capable and willing to work.

In case you`re wondering why you can`t find any of the great jobs you hear about, here`s the answer: companies are usually using the services of employment or staffing agencies. One of the most important reasons for using the employment agency is that they are also interested in helping you to look good on interviews. They will provide you some coaching that should help you impress you potential employer. They can also help you with reworking your resumes. Most of the companies nowadays are headed to these agencies to find the right employee, because they can do it much faster and more cheaper. Running through numerous resumes is something that companies doesn’t want to do. That`s the job of these agencies and they are trying to find the best candidates out there.

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