Dublin Jewelers-find an engagement ring without stress? 

Buying an engagement ring is not something you do every day. An engagement ring is a sacred symbol of love, of the promise of marriage, of the commitment of husband and wife to join as one for a lifetime, and a symbol of their everlasting love. Most couples today buy it together but, there are still some traditional guys trying to surprise their beloved ones. In both cases, knowing what that ring represents will make you more aware of the importance of the proposal itself.  c1-130

For many ancient cultures circle was the symbol of eternity, and the hole in the was considered to be a gateway to known and unknown events ( in good and evil, in sickness and health, right?) You surely understand by now that giving a ring to a woman shows your immortal love to her. Many people believe that the oldest record of this tradition can be traced 4800 years ago at the ancient Egyptians. The materials they used to made these rings were usually reeds, sedge and rushes, but they were soon substituted with the materials such as ivory leather or bone.  If a man wanted to show more love to the woman, he would give her a ring made from more expensive material. That way he would also show his wealth to her. Egyptian women usually worn that rings on the 4th finger of the left hand, for they believed that a vein goes straight from that finger to the heart.

The significance of this act is not to be taken lightly, therefore, the ring you choose that symbolizes all that`s said above should stand out with it`s beauty and uniqueness. That`s why you guys need to know few things when choosing an engagement ring for your lady:

  • Before going to the store, narrowing down your choices would be wise to do. There are so many different kinds of rings that will make you confused, so it`s better to already know what you want. It`s even better, and also less confusing, to visit manufacturers that can provide you  to order custom made engagement ring.
  • Think about her style. It`s not necessary to by some pricey ring if she is not going to like it. If you already don`t know her taste, ask her friends what does she like, and make sure that stays secret until you propose her. But if you don`t want anyone to know about your plans, then pay attention to the jewelry she already bespoke-oval-diamond-blue-sapphire-730x533wears. That way you will get to know her style better.
  • One really important question is the metal the band is made of. Platinum is the most common choice, but there are also gold that comes in many different colors (yellow, rose, white or green). Palladium is also a good choice, or some mixture of two metals (gold and platinum, for example)

There are many other top tips to be considered, and besides that, making an engagement ring usually takes a few weeks, so take your time and think in advance about the best way to surprise your future bride.

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