Hiring an interior designer – good or bad choice?

If you`re thinking about hiring an interior decorator, think about it as a very good investment, because if you`ve already spent a lot of money into your home, you shoul make it look perfect both inside and outside. Interior designers can be really helpful for everyone, and if you think that they are too expencive, you`re wrong, because they will help you not to make expencive mistakes, help you meet your budget, save a lot of time and make sure the end result matches exatly to your idea of perfect home.

summer_home_makeoverAn interior designer is someone who can balance structural planning and aestetic aspect of clients wishes, lifestyle and personality.he or se must also be able to take care that not so glamurous details fit into space perfectly. He or she also has a lot of relationships with vendors, painters, artisans and others charged for the execution of the design. This is a very good side of hiring an interior design company, because they already know who to trust for some inside work.

The right moment to hire a designer is the one when you have a clear vision of what you want, but he or she can make sure that your vision becomes reality. Their expirienced eye and creativeness will help you turn your home into the place of your dreams. On the other side, the right moment to call them is when you don`t have a clue what you want, and in order to avoid very expencive mistakes, hiring them is definitely a smart move.

When you`re looking for someone who can help you with your home makeover, you seriously need to consider next:

  • Home-makeoverStaying in business depends on the designers ability to satisfy clients, and they will be able to do it if they posess four crucial skills: management skills, technical skills, artistic skills and interpersonal skills.
  • Designers must be able to make a plan of a space and to somehow render it visualy, so the clients know how the space should look like. Of course, knowledge about the products and materials that will be used is unavoidable, and besides that, they always need to keep in mind many structural aspects of their plans (building codes, health and safety issues).
  • As already mentioned, they need to be very communicative, because they will meet different kinds of people. They must be understandable to the clients and they also need to be very good listeners in order to fully satisfy clients.
  • With appropriate management skills, they will be able to hold on to a schedule, work on several projects, while finding new ones. If they want to survive on the market, they must have a well developed business plans and create very persuasive presentations.
  • They will ensure you don`t make expencive mistakes, which is very easy given all the choices out there. With their guidance and expertise, they will help you chose the right thing.
  • Never mix inerior designers and interior decorators, because the first ones are formally educated to do the job, while others are not. Designers are dealing with contractors, engineers and architects and must understand all of these areas in order to make the whole thind successful.

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